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World Of Twilight RPGEdit

World Of Twilight RPG, also known as WOT, was originally created back on November 12th, 2008 hosted by ProBoards. Version one however did not suffice and it was later recreated as today's version, number two. It is a widely known rpg based on the Twilight Saga and is currently still one of the most active Twilight rpgs on Proboards today.


Created on Novmber 12th, 2008, World Of Twilight was began under the careful hand of it's admin Angel who was on a quest to create the perfect role playing enviroment for all Twilight lovers.


Will be listed soon.

Today's CharactersEdit

Will be listed soon.

Past CharactersEdit

Will be listed soon.

Controversiys Edit

I just hope whoever wirtes these keeps writing more! I just hope whoever wirtes these keeps writing more!

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