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Wonder Kids is an American Anime film that is created by YouTube User,XxellababeXx,who has a new account called ColorFlowerMountian.It was created on February 6,2
The Wonder Kids
008.This was mainly for kids ages 5 and up and is a 2 hour and 55 minutes movie.There is also a second one, called,"Wonder Kid,Journey To The Wonder Kid Kingdoms". It is distributed by Universal Pictures

Wonder KidsEdit

Breaenta, a young cat who is the leader of all the wonder kids.A long time ago,her kingdom was destroyed by an earthquake.Then she found a white crystal which gave it her powers.She was nervous that she was the leader,but she got used to it.Then in the purple kingdom,the king was determined that which person in the purple kingdom saw this light and gained powers.It was the king's daughter,Amber, a young girl who became a wonder kid like rainbow cat.Amber's kingdom was destroyed by a tsunami which cause alot of her people to die.Then,evil came to the earth and Breaenta wanted this darkness to stop.Amber joined Breaenta to seal the evil in the earth.They told stories to eachother about their lifetime.Each of them had their own lifetime that was hard.Edit

So both of them needed to save the earth and all the kingdoms that were destroyed.When they came to earth,they wanted to start a new lifetime.Then a battle came On earth,they met two spoiled English kids,Anisha,a sporty tomboy and her brother Calvin, a video game addict and mad/crazy scientist boy.They both saw them as wonder kids during the night.When they first met Breaenta,they didn't believe her about the wonder kids but when they both saw them battling a monster in the park.They wanted to help them so Breaenta gave them the light to transform and be wonder kids.Now all four wonder kids have a importmant adventure to accomplish.They have courage to save the world.They also learned from their mistakes and from each other.When all of them save the world,the seven rainbow stones are free and the six guardian fairies were.All the kingdoms were turn into one big happy kindgom.Edit

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