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home to thousands of Wikia's entertainment-related wikis that anyone can edit. Wikia entertainment consists of wikis dedicated to Movies, TV, Books, Comics, Anime, Comedy, Sci-fi and more. If you're just starting out with wikis, check out our New to Wikis Section.

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Goku, Luffy & Toriko vs The Legendary Akami05:37

Goku, Luffy & Toriko vs The Legendary Akami

To commemorate the release of J-Stars Victory Vs, a game featuring many of the characters covered in our Animanga entertainment wikis, we present the special Jump Crossover battle: Goku, Luffy and Toriko vs Akami!

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Holiday Know Days: Community Choice Awards
ComChoice KnowDays BlogHeader

2013 was a banner year for the things we love, so choosing your favorites is no mean feat. In this year’s Community Choice Awards, we ask you to vote on your favorites from the worlds of books, games, films, TV, and more.

We’ll be rolling out individual categories in the coming weeks, on schedule. Voting closes on January 4th, so do not delay. Make your voice heard!

Read more and vote!

Entertainment Blogs!
  • 763492

    Would that be interesting if Universal and Anime Expo, a convention company, would someday join together as partners to create an anime/manga-themed fan event aiming towards Otakus (anime/manga fans)…

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  • Кирпич в темноте

    Гифка клемантина.

    Сначало нам показыввают неподвижную русалку Ариель, которая улыбается, потом много быстро листающихся картинок и на них изображены кровь кишки и подобное. И вся эта каша происходит в…

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