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KnT January 29, 2010 User blog:KnT

2012: A new metallic element that has superconductive properties at room temperature is found at Olympus Mons on Mars. Scientists name it "Olympium".

2025: The first self-aware AI is constructed. The laws of robotics are introduced. The technological revolution begins

2026: Mars is fully explored and zoned as a heritage listed area.

2027: Tests conclude that greenhouse gasses on Earth are reaching LD50 concentrations. Genesis is presented as a solution.

2030: The Genesis program is implemented. The world unites under one banner - The UEA. The year is set at G-0000

G-0003: Construction of the servitors commences. Mars is rezoned as primary industry. An automated mining and production plant is built into Olympus Mons

G-0018: Construction of 2 servitors is completed - Provisions and Industry.

G-0019: The Provisions and Industry servitors are shipped to Mars.

G-0020: The Provisions and Industry servitors land on Mars and are activated.

G-0023: Midgard project commences. The Indusrty servitor builds a robotics factory on Mars. The Provisions servitor builds a hydroponic station on Mars.

G-0073: Midgard Corporate shell completed. Mars becomes industrial capital of the UEA and the MIS and MPS are born.

G-0100: Midgard Residential shell completed. The MPS ships its first annual rations shipment to Earth.

G-0125: The MIS creates the first sustainable fusion reaction

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