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trading spouses meet your new mom is a great is a real eye allows the mom to exsperience the other side and make there own opinion.some take it way too is the christian mom.i am not a christian but i certainly don't disrespect it and try talking people out of what they beleive.i personaly beleive there is only one higher power.but if you beleive different,who am i to tell you that your wrong.i just hate it when a person seeks you out,convince you to beleive in a certain religion and make you join a church.if it exists,then we will eventually find it and that higher power will led us there.religion should not need any we need to be convince to eat when we are hungry?why is there so many suffering famillies,starving homeless people,violence and it goes on and on.we are suposively gods children and he does not judge any one and will forgive.then why does he allow that to exist.let a young man continuing doing drugs,causing himself and his family pain and suffering.then one day he overdose and dies,which in turn leaving his family to deal with the aftermath.what kind of plan is that.i know its only a show but i'm sure christians beleive.THE GREEN MILE.why would god take his most gifted child,lock him in a cage as he helps other and at the end ,kills him.i really would like to beleive and i have tried a lot of times.but its hard when i see these things going on in our world.that is why i decided to keep an open mind.i beleive what i see and that is good.i don't judge other religions and there beleife.everyone is entitle to it.but please don't put it on others and seek them out and try dragging them to your is not a way to make someone beleive in something and inspires them.that lady make a fool of herself on the show.everyone is talking about it.last but certainly not the lease.i beleive its the wilson and the white.the lady who is a racist and only sees white.she keeps asking herself if she is a monster.SHE ABSOLUTELY IS!!!! she is beyond that.i can not beleive that a person can be so ignorant.i despies rapist,child molester and racist.i think racist is just as bad as a rapist or molester.there is NO room for that in this world.leave your hatred somewhere else,like way up in the artic where life does not exist.where racist will slowly be forgoten and be just a little dust of dirt.just like how racist should be categorixes.

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