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Here's a list of the Top Ten Movies in the universe of Wikia Entertainment. If you think one's missing from this list, post a link to their page at the bottom!

Picture Name Description
Swampwomen Swamp Women
Plan 9 from outer space 1959 Plan 9 From Outer Space
Robotmonster Robot Monster
Santa-Claus-conquers-the-martians Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
TheRoom The Room
The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
Troll 2
Movie 43
Disaster Movie
Uwe Boll Movies

Dishonorable MentionsEdit

Picture Name Description
The Robot Vs. The Aztec Mummy
Batman and Robin
Howard the Duck
Pod People
The Invention of Lying
The Beast Of Yucca Flats
Godzilla's Revenge
Glen or Glenda
Monster a Go-Go

Which Movie is Missing and which should be Replaced?Edit

Which Movie do you think should have been included in this list? Post a link to their Wikia page. Sign your post with ~~~~.

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