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Picture Name Description
Heath Ledger as the Joker
The Joker
"Wanna know how to fuck me?"
Doomsday 001
(DC Database)
He got Superman pregnant but he did have an abortion.
Top Ten Villains image1
Darth Vader
"You were the fucking chosen one! You were meant to fuck Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter and make him suck a dick! GO BACK TO STAR WARS EPISODE I NOOB ASS FUCKER! HAHAHAH SUCK MY HAIRY GORILLA BALLS!"

Who's Missing?Edit

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Lex Luthor - even without a dick, he's got the power to suck your dick without touching it.

Venom and/or Carnage. They both love to suck dick.

Mr Fuck - He fucks everyone in his path and makes their vaginas, penises and anuses hurt.

Sexman - He has sex powers that could make everyone have orgasms everyday without stopping, he will fuck you all.

Dickman - He has a steel dick.

Asswipe man - No doubt he's awesome.

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