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Here's a list of the Top Ten Movie Villains in the universe of Wikia Entertainment. If you think someone's missing from this list, post a link to their page at the bottom!

Picture Name Description
Hannibal Lecter
(wiki domain, e.g. starwars for
The Original Serial Killer
Darth Vader
(wiki domain, e.g. starwars for
"No Luke, I am your father."
The Wicked Witch of the West
(wiki domain, e.g. starwars for
"I'll Get you my pretty, and your little dog too!"
HAL 9000
(wiki domain, e.g. starwars for
"Hello Dave"
The Joker
(wiki domain, e.g. starwars for
"Why so serious?"
Jason Voorhees
(wiki domain, e.g. starwars for
If only they hadn't made those crappy sequels.
(wiki domain, e.g. starwars for
He vants to suck your blood!
(wiki domain, e.g. starwars for
One ring to rule them all.
Lord Voldemort
(wiki domain, e.g. starwars for
The most evil wizard of all time.
Damian Thorn
(wiki domain, e.g. starwars for
He's the antichrist!

Who is Missing?Edit

  • Jadis the White Witch - The wickedest witch of them all. --Lucifuge Rofacale 12:45, 7 April 2009 (UTC)

Who do you think should have been included in this list? Post a link to their Wikia page. Sign your post with ~~~~.

Jack Torrance - Here's Johnny Alex DeLarge - The greatest anti-hero Frank - an evil bunny rabbit Maleficent - the greatest Disney villain Antiono Saleri - The caretaker Freddy Krueger - the dream killer

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