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Here's a list of the Top Ten Jedi in the universe of Wikia Entertainment. If you think someone's missing from this list, post a link to their page at the bottom!

Picture Name Description
Jedi image1
Kit Fisto
The cool haired Jedi (If it is hair)
Jedi image2
Anakin Skywalker
The Chosen One? Whatever, he became Darth Vader!
Jedi image3
He was so short he had to use a short lightsaber!
Jedi image4
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Darth Vader's Master, Jedi council member and old man
Jedi image5
Aayla Secura
Might end up getting married to Kit Fisto
Jedi image6
Plo Koon
Yeah, I thought he was wearing a gas mask at first sight too!
Jedi image7
Mace Windu
Anakin killed him? WHAT?
Jedi image8
Shaak Ti
I recall her only being in one episode, and yet i know her name!
Jedi image9
Saesee Tiin
Died too quickly against Darth Sidious, George Lucas wanted to speed things up a bit i guess
Jedi image10
Oppo Rancisis
He's a giant Slug.

The top ten Jedi from the OLD REPUBLIC (Rise of the Empire).

Who is Missing?Edit

Who do you think should have been included in this list? Post a link to their Wikia page. Sign your post with ~~~~. Ki Adi Mundi, and take out Oppo....  Agen Kolar, Eeth Koth, Quinlan Vos,

Where is Qui-gon? --Croon (Talk) - Dutch Central Wiki Administrator 11:32, April 25, 2010 (UTC)

I agree with Qui-gon. And what about Quinlan Vos? Ahsoka Tano? Mara Jade Skywalker? Leia Amidala Skywalker Organa Solo? Jaina Solo? Jacen Solo/Darth Caedus? Tenel Ka Chume Ta' Djo?

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