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Note: This list was made as a reply to the Top Ten Deaths list which I found grossly inaccurate and hopefully this one will contain at least a few more meaningful deaths which most will enjoy, but if you feel someone is missing on the list please leave your comment below in "Who is Missing?".

Here's a list of the Top Ten Emotional Deaths in the universe of Wikia Entertainment. If you think someone's missing from this list, post a link to their page at the bottom!

Picture Name Description
Nello and Patrasche
A young boy and his beloved dog's struggles against the harshness of society. Despite their tragedies they always found a way to force out a smile, but in the end nothing could stop the continued onslaught of society's selfishness, and they eventually succumbed to a cold yet peaceful death alongside one another and they would continued to be remembered by those who loved them.
Leslie Burke
A young girl with a creative mind and a caring soul whose love for a young boy allowed her to create worlds beyond imagination, but in the end a cruel twist of fate caused her to experience a premature end but her dreams and love continued to live on amidst her soul's passing.
Aerith Gainsborough
A selfless angel in human guise whose love for others was as great as those who loved her in return. Fighting and struggling effortlessly to protect those she loved eventually became her undoing, but it was a fate she was happy about as it would ensure the continued happiness of those she loved allowing her to eternally smile.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
A wise man with a life filled with struggles and losses and little signs of hope never showing themselves to him... but a single light allowed him to risk all his hopes and dreams, even his own life, and by doing so he became more powerful than anyone could possibly imagine, allowing him to give all the strength necessary to those he considered dear.
Who knew such a small creature could possess such great wisdom and an even bigger heart. A continued love for a dear friend allowed her to keep moving forward and give strength to him in return; and despite her premature passing, she left behind many sweet memories for those she cared for to remember her by, and she even left three little gifts of new life for her sweet and dear friend to take care of and these three little ones would carry on her spirit.
Spike Spiegel
A man with a broken past and a lost love. A continued life of harsh difficulties and relentless battles never made him cease and give up. Always pressing forward either for his own needs or that of others, friends or otherwise, and despite the many losses he experienced, even that of his own life, he was still able to go out with a bang and wake up from the dream known as life and be with the one he loved most.
Bambi's mother
While similar traditions followed in her wake, no one could forget the one that began it all. The loss of a young child's beloved parent is quite a scarring experience, especially when the forces that took her away was that of man himself. But despite this, it also shows how tragic events in the past can mold one's future and if one is determined enough they can turn this dark memory into a shining beacon of strength and achieve anything, and both she and her son represent this perfectly.
Portgas D. Ace
In the end he was unable to avoid the hatred of those who wished for his death but he gladly died sacrificing his own life for his beloved brother whom he loved so dearly and was able to pass on smiling knowing that there were those who loved him despite the world considering him a life that should have never been.
King Kong
Littlefoot's Mother

Who is Missing?Edit

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          Sirius Black - Harry Potter

          Bruno and Shmuel - The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

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