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Here's a list of the Top Ten Crazy but Sexy TV Mothers in the universe of Wikia Entertainment. If you think someone's missing from this list, post a link to their page at the bottom!

Picture Name Description
Crazy but Sexy TV Mothers image1
Bree Van De Kamp
Someone tasted some frosting on her daughters cake and she rounded on the fat girl "You! You look like a girl who enjoys her frosting!"
Crazy but Sexy TV Mothers image2
Monica Geller
Her son was born and... "I'm gonna love you so much that no woman is ever gonna be good enough for you!"
Crazy but Sexy TV Mothers image3
Marge Simpson
It's not easy being the mother of a family like the Simpsons. So please forgive Marge Simpson for her general lack of amusement; she has a drunken husband, irreponsible son, overly mature daughter and quiet baby to take care of. "Aw geez, I just SWEPT the Circle of Death!!!"
Crazy but Sexy TV Mothers image4
Miranda Bailey
She loves Tuck, but his timing was a little bad... "My heart rate is 110, I'm burning 3000 calories a day, my legs are swollen, I've got indigestion and gas. Did you know that carrying a boy in your uterus means that you burn 10% more calories than if you had a girl? Guess what I'm carrying? I tried for 7 damn years and a month before my fellowship notification, the stick turns blue. Men. From the very beginnin' they just suck the life right outta you. I'm not leaving. I'm pregnant."
Crazy but Sexy TV Mothers image5
Lois (Malcolm in the middle)
Dear old daddy came to visit but Lois was not hapy. "You brought a live grenade into my home. ARE YOU COMPLETELY INSANE?!"
Crazy but Sexy TV Mothers image6
Lily Evans
Not all mother have their children grow up and defeat the world's worst wizard. "Not Harry, please no, take me, kill me instead-"
Crazy but Sexy TV Mothers image7
Claire Littleton
She loved little Aaron enough to threaten her best friend. "Do't bring him back Kate. Don't you DARE bring him back!"
Crazy but Sexy TV Mothers image8
Ellis Grey
"Be extraordinary." The only kind words she said to Meredith.
Crazy but Sexy TV Mothers image9
Lynette Scavo
She'll even lie to protect her kids, "I’m a ninja!"
Crazy but Sexy TV Mothers image10
Susan Mayer
She'll even do a hostage exchange. "Release Julie and I will take her place. I repeat, release Julie. I will be a model hostage... ”

Who is Missing?Edit

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