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Here's a list of the Top Ten 24 Characters in the universe of Wikia Entertainment. If you think someone's missing from this list, post a link to their page at the bottom!

Picture Name Description
Top Ten Heroes Image 2
Jack Bauer
"...and today, is the longest day of my life."
Tony Almeida
Diehard Almeidaists claim that "the Tony" soul-patch was named after the character, but in truth, no one knows which came first.
Chloe O'Brian
Nabilla Al-Jamil: Don't you have a gun?!

Chloe O'Brian: I work with computers! (Season 4, ep 19)

David Palmer
Vice President Hal Gardner: Your brother was one of the greatest men to ever occupy the office. His loss—to all of us—can't be expressed in words. (Season 5, ep 16)
Kim Bauer
Funny remark or description
Graem Bauer
Graem Bauer
If he hadn't been foiled by his brother Jack, Graem Bauer no doubt would have been felled by acute radiation poisoning from his ever-present Bluetooth earpiece.
Charles Logan
Charles Logan made Richard Nixon look like the Easter Bunny.
Bill Buchanan
Funny remark or description
Aaron Pierce
Funny remark or description
Nina Myers
Funny remark or description

Who's Missing?Edit

Who do you think should have been included in this list? Post a link to their Wikia page. Sign your post with ~~~~. Remember, this is the Top Ten Perverts list, not the top ten rapist sickos list.

michele desler, George Mason, Milo Minderbender

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