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Important Note: This list merely shows protagonists (main central characters) who are of godly nature from different fictions who have displayed impressive levels of fighting prowess at both short and long range and levels of strength beyond standard gods and godesses (i.e.. Kratos, Percy Jackson, etc.). Also Important to Note: This list shows these godly characters of what I believe to be strongest to weakest. 1st (VictoryGreymon, dimension buster), 2nd (Tenchi Masaki, also dimension buster), 3rd (Asura, planet buster), 4th (Thor Odinson, also planet buster), and 5th (Diana Prince, yet another planet buster). You can't argue with those numbers because they're all true, and I never twiqued nothing to fit my purpose.

Picture Name Description
Tenchi Masaki
[1]Tenchi Masaki Do I need to say any more... I mean Tenchi Masaki.
[2]VictoryGreymon They don't call him "Victory" for nothing if you know what I mean.
[3]Asura Asura the "eye of rage"... oops wrong character.
[4]Thor Odinson Thor, King of Kings... wait that's not right.
Wonder Woman
[5]Diana Prince Wonder Woman... she might not be an actual Godess but she kicks their asses and makes them like it.

Strongest Stages... if any (if you Believe it, some have None)Edit

Kami Tenchi
Mantra Asura
Kami Tenchi Mantra Asura

Who's MissingEdit

Who do you think should be on this list? Post a link to their Wikia page. Sign you're post with -- ~ ~ ~ ~. Remember they have to be of Godly nature... meaning they are gods or godesses or were directly created by one or more gods or godesses or fused with a God or Goddess. They also have to be a Protagonist (i.e.. Silver Surfer [Marvel Comics], Colossus [Marvel Comics], Captain Marvel [DC Comics], Rikuudo Sennin [Naruto Manga], Yasha [Asura's Wrath]) and not an Antagonist (i.e.. Darkseid [DC Comics], Ares [Marvel and DC Comics], Deus [Asura's Wrath], Galactus [Marvel Comics],Lucifer [Vertigo and Marvel Comics], God [Vertigo Comics], Father [Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood], Blackheart [Marvel Comics]).

Haruhi Suzumiya? Percy Jackson (as a demigod, he would qualify)? Aang (as the Avatar, he is the Avatar of the Spirit of the World, the closest one gets to a god in the series)? 11:26, March 24, 2012 (UTC)

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