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The Grudge 6 Edit

The Grudge 6 is an American/Japanese horrorfilm directed by Brian Gredge, the producer of the fifth movie. The film is produced by Takashi Shimuzi, James Wong and Sam Riami. Originally, both The Grudge 5 and 6 were going to be directed by Sam Riami, but Gredge was promised a direction of one of the movies so Riami only directed The Grudge 6.

Plot: Edit

The film opens with a man, Orlock, who is followed by Kayako's spirit. He enters at some kind of basement, but is killed by Kayako's spirit by sliding him to tiny cubes, killing him.

We then cut back to the final sequence of the fifth movie showing Det. Nakawasha being burned to death in the funeral coffin. Rose unlocks the box and takes Nakawasha's ashes out and throws them into the sea, covering up his death. Although Rose believes that it is all over now, it turns out that Det. Nairobi was fired from the medical facility. Rose is afraid that she will be involved with the investigation to Nakawasha's disappearance. In the meantime, we cut to the rich businessman Mr. Jack Woods, the boss of a telemarketing company, who turns out to be a former friend of Takeo and was the one who informed him of the secret affaire between Kayako and Peter Kirk. He and his family will now become the victim of Kayako's curse.

In the meantime, Det. Nairobi investigates Orlock's killing. Nairobi believes that Rose is trying to tie up all loose ends of the curse. Nairobi begins to stalk Rose and try to look for information about and she asks help from ritual Master Li Cheng.

Jack Woods, his wife Rita and their three daughters and one son, buy a new house. What Jack doesn't know is that it is The Saeki House, which is fully recovered. Jack becomes worried when he hears that his son, Donnie, is having an imaginary friend, who is invisible to everyone except for Donnie. We can see that it is in fact Toshio, the spirit of Kayako and Takeo's son. It becomes more scary when Jack's eldest daughter, Emilia, is killed when she hides herself in the closet by Kayako's spirit.

In the meantime, Det. Nairobi and Master Li Cheng plan a ritual to heal Rose from the curse, but in fact she houses Kayako without aversion.

Jack begins to act agressive and more strange and when Rita decides to go to liabry to do investigation to the house. She soon discovers that the house belonged to The Saeki Family and that Jack was responsible for Takeo killing them and himself. The spirits now want revenge on Jack. Slowly the next two daughters are killed on strange ways by the Saeki spirits. Jack takes a shotgun and follows Rita and Donnie through the house. Rita is able to struggle with him, causing that Jack shoots himself in the chest, injuring him.

Det. Nairobi visits Rose in order to let her confess for the Saeki killings. Rose asks her something to drink and she poisons it. Rose confesses all the killings, but Nairobi already has drinken up the poison and she passes away taking Rose's secret to the grave.

Donnie and Rita arrive at the room where Kayako was murdered by Takeo and they find a blood trace and candals (the blood trace is either from Kayako or Audrey). They finally learn the truth that Jack forced Takeo to kill his own family or else another dark secret of Takeo's past will be revealed to the police. Jack arrives, but is suddenly followed by Kayako, Toshio and Takeo's spirit. Jack pleases for mercy and surrender, but as Kayako is about to kill him, Donnie takes the shotgun and blowns Jack's body to pieces, killing him. They then lock the door, blow out the candels and leave Donnie and Rita to their fate in the Saeki House.

Rose is drugged by Master Li Cheng and brought to a dark room fulled with candals and a bathub covered in blood. Cheng throws her into the bathub, performs a ritual and Kayako comes out of the bathub having separated from Rose who approaches Cheng, while we see Rose screaming, covered in blood entirely, ending the movie.


In this film you discover actually who was the whole key to end the curse: Jack Woods. He was the one who forced Takeo to kill his wife and child and this is actually the cause of the curse. After Jack's death, the curse is actually over. But Cheng restarts it by seperating Kayako from Rose.

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