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The Grudge 5 Edit

The Grudge 5 is an American/ Japanese horrorfilm directed by Sam Raimi, who originally produced the film-series. It is produced by Takashi Shimuzi and Brian Gedge and Sam Raimi briefly is an executive producer of this movie. Toby Wilkins wasn't involved anymore with this film.

Plot: Edit

The scene opens with Agent Nakawasha shooting Lisa when she tries to kill Rose. Nakawasha confirms her death and saves Rose. Nakawasha later sees Rose briefly transforming into Kayako, causing him to believe that she houses Kayako's spririt. At the police station, Nakawasha is said to be a "hero", but he get's a phone that Det. Nairobi is going worse in the mental asylum. Nakawasha interrogates Rose as he believes she is involved with the Saeki curse. She however does not confess, but Nakawasha brutally grabs her arm and a social worker forces the commissioner to fire him. Rose then uses a vice to break her own arm, leaving the police to believe that Nakawasha has broken Rose's arm. He is fired.

Nakawasha visits Det. Nairobi in the mental asylum where she has become obsessed with drawing pictures of Kayako and she also has drawn a picture of Kayako bitting Nakawasha's head off. Nakawasha notices black hairs in her room and the white clothes (the clothes that Kayako always weares). Det. Nairobi then thrashes at Nakawasha and makes a death rattle but she is placed in solitary confinement. The last things Nakawasha sees in the asylum are Kayako's hands who slowly open the door to Nairobi's block.

In the meantime, Rose enters the Saeki House where she is given a stigmata by Takeo who brutally tortures and rapes her on his bed. Nakawasha investigates more killings related to the curse like the murders of Audrey, Josh, Allison, Lisa, Yoko and he then investigates the mysterious suicide of Peter Kirk. He also interrogates his wife, Maria Kirk, who he finds hanging dead in her house, the apparent victim of a suicide. She is mysteriously covered in white and black paint.

Rose investigates the mysterious exorcisms of Master Li Cheng, who turns out to be the father of Kayako. Rose then attacks Nakawasha in the Saeki House and places him in the oven of a crematory, where he is burned alive.

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