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The Grudge 4 is a Japanese/ American horrorfilm directed by Toby Wilkins, who also directed The Grudge 3.

PLOT: Edit

The film opens with a group of workers who are restoring the burned house of the Saeki Family. When the job is finished, one of the workers finds a family photo of the Saeki's.

The film then cuts back at exact the same time when The Grudge 3 started, making them take place in exact the same time. Rob, a high school teenager, visits a mental asylum for his girlfriend Nancy, who has visited the Saeki House and since then has been having night terrors and strange visions. Rob also pays a visit to Dr. Francine Sullivan, who is her doctor. She says that she has been making friends with Matthew, who is suffering from the same symptoms. The next day, however, Matthew is killed in his room and Nancy slits her own throat when she sees his corpse, which has all of its bones sticking out.

Rob and his friends Daisy and Benton visit the Saeki House were, according to the school, Allison and her two friends were also been before they went missing.

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