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Suzie, a 58 year old depressed taxi driver on the night shift. On Halloween, she finds a 10 year old autistic boy in the back seat of her taxi with 50$ and an address. As Suzie arrived at the father's address, she realizes the mess this family is in. This child and her own troubled past lead her down a surprising road.

  • DIR Micheline Lanctôt
  • PROD André Gagnon
  • SCR Micheline Lanctôt
  • DP François Dutil
  • CAST Fayolle Jean, Albert Kwan, Micheline Lanctôt, Yvette Thuot, Nanette Workman, Pascale Bussières, Xavier Dolan, Suzanne Garceau
  • ED Aube Foglia
  • MUSIC Claude Challe, François Lanctôt

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