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Unknown 52 year old claiming to be King of ROck -n- Roll

A Denver CO resident who is 52, has long silver hair and 2 grandkids, is being touted as the "King of Rock -n- Roll" by many locals. Rev. Matthew "Pops" Pittaway plays violin, piano and guitar and sings original songs. The intro's and bridges are being compared to a cross between Mozart, Stevie Wonder and Willie Nelson. He performed live in the streets of Manhattan for 3 weeks in May and set the city on it's ear, calling the sinful greedy Wall St. elitsts to repent before God sends judgment. When he left in May the Swine flu.

   Rev. "Pops" pittaway grew up and played ROck -n- Roll outside Detroit MI while a teenager in the 70's. He overdosed on LSD and was arrested for assault. He had a religious experience and became a minister in 1978. He then appeared locally around Detroit as a front man, then later a back-up pianist for various Contemporary Christian groups and church orchestras during the 80's and 90's. 
   In 1995 His wife Mary and their 2 children Joshua and Heidi welcomed a littel brother Justin, who had a severe heart deformity requiring transplant. Miraculously a heart was found for him and his roomate and both babies lived. MGM made a film deal offer but one of the parents declined. 
   Pops spent the next 10 years working and caring for his disabled son and 2 siblings. Justin had kidney failure at the age of 6 from the pharma corp drughs he took, (anti-rejection meds) and Mrs. Pittaway had a mental collapse in 2003. Pops produced a film and hosted a radio show in  Nashville and the younger child Justin died in 1995 at the age of 10. The pittawyas moved to Denver CO and became medical marihuana farmers, retiring from Gospel in 2006.
   Pops plays piano and sings original compositions ranging from classical music to rock ballads to bluesy R -n- B and jazz, moving from guitar to piano and back with fluidity and damn sharp skills. Pop's motto is "Like wine, cheez and a good crap, music takes a ong time to become really really good." He continues; "We've let corporations push mediocre contracted musical talent (Jesus called 'em hirelings) down our throats to keep a big profit margin while many genii go unrecorde; there are nearly 100 million indie musicians in the US alone; why don;t we hear them? We can; on youtube. It's a different era; the corporate skimmers are going to have to get a job or invent something or start a business; we don't need fat middle men at all. We need to PRODUCE something like grow opium and coca for the pharma corps; keep the money and regulation at home and put tarriffs on all the crap coming in from China and Mexico.

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