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MZP-TV (formerly Monster Zero Productions) is a website and internet forum designed to run as a virtual series network, which 'broadcasts' weekly (or off-schedule) episodes of scripted virtual series, or "Script Fic" . There are two seperate networks - Virtual Mutant, homepage of MZP's virtual series based on the Buffyverse, and MZP-TV, homepage of MZP's 'original' series, but also including non-original works not based on Joss Whedon's work. An example of this includes the Alias Virtual Spin-off The DSR.


As an aspiring scriptwriter, network founder Lee A. Chrimes was looking for a good way to host and broadcast his work, which at that point was a handful of screenplays and the fledgling version of the Somewhere InBetween virtual series, then known as Chris & Sunday. After trying a simple website, he was introduced to the Proboards message boards service, and soon established Monster Zero Productions in March 2004.

The mission statement for the board was (and still is) to "develop and promote his own work, and also to recruit other writers and producers, young and old, to create an online community of writers and bring more virtual series to the world's attention." The forums have now reached 850 members, and are still growing every day.

The name Monster Zero was born out of Chrimes' love of the Godzill movies, being named after the alternate name given to long-standing Godzilla antagonist King Ghidorah, as he appeared in the movie "Invasion Of The Astro-Monsters". The unfortunate copyright infringment that this name carries meant MZP always had to watch itself in terms of promotions, for fear of a hefty lawsuit from Toho Studios dropping through the letterbox!

In February 2010, the admin staff reached a decision to rename the network MZP-TV in order to distance themselves from the Godzilla movies and to create a more unified network.

Show ManagementEdit

The networks themselves are run as professionally as possible, with writers needing to complete a Pilot script before submitting it to be reviewed. If the show is deemed good enough, and successfully passes several other key requirements (such as a positive critical reception from the community, and a good knowledge of grammar, spelling and correct script formatting), it will be accepted to air, and will go into pre-production.

Recently, MZP has adopted the Pilot Season format in order to limit the amount of shows they pick up. Pilot Season runs twice a year and helps streamline the amount of pitches and eventually new shows.

Shows then get a development board, and a board on the main forum page dedicated to it.

The ShowsEdit

Shows are divided into two categories to reflect the two separate websites, with all of the MZP Buffyverse series under Virtual Mutant (as part of MZP's own extended fanon of the show) and all original shows or any other spin-offs under MZP-TV.

In an attempt to promote Virtual Series that are not part of MZP, the forums and sites occasionally play host to MZP Affiliates which consist of higher profile shows on other virtual networks and shows that existed before MZP's birth.


The site further separates its shows into five different categories: Drama, Supernatural Drama, Action, Sci-Fi and Comedy. This was implemented in early 2006 to help separate the series and to organise the forums for easier access.

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