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The Grudge Edit

Karen Davis Status: Deceased. (comatose by Kayako in seventh movie)

Karen (portrayed by Sarah Michelle Gellar) is the main protagonist in The Grudge. She starts as an American nurse who moves with her boyfriend to Tokyo after the first nurse Yoko does not show up at work she volunteers to take care of Emma Williams which causes her to fall victim to the curse. Karen then tries to stop the curse by burning down the house, but this instead releases the curse. Karen later placed in a Japanese hospital. She is strapped to a bed and constantly guarded by the Police. She is visited by her sister Aubrey, who was sent by their mother. Later, a hand grabs her arm, causing Karen to panic and she frees herself and successfully evades the Police while being chased by Kayako.When she reaches the roof of the hospital, she backs away to the edge of the roof and Kayako pushes her off, which results in Karen falling to her death. Later by the end of Grudge 2 just as Aubrey went back to Saeki residence to confront Kayako, Aubrey spots Karen calling for Doug and follows her only to spot Takeo instead who kills Aubrey by snapping her neck. In The Grudge 7 3D it was revealed that she was brought back to life by Kayako just after the doctors confirmed her death. At the beginning she joins Aye's group of Saeki survivors claiming that she was almost killed by Kayako. At the end, she helped Kayako one last time to bring Bloody Rose to the Saeki house to leave her being killed by Takeo on the exact manner like Kayako died. Karen left the Saeki House, leaving Bloody Rose to die, and Kayako then left her body, finally killing her.


Status: Deceased. (given kiss of death by Kayako)

Doug was Karen's boyfriend who appeared in the first Grudge movie. Doug didn't believe Karen after Emma was killed by the powerful force, but in the end he decided to go to the Saeki House. Doug discovered Kayako's bloodied corpse off-screen causing him to go into a vegative state. Karen arrived and watched as Kayako killed Doug with the kiss of death. His body was later shown in the morgue, confirming his death.

Emma Williams

Status: Deceased (cause of death is unknown)

Emma Williams is the dementia mother of

The Grudge 2: Edit

Audrey Davis Status: Deceased (had her neck broken by Takeo)

Audrey Davis was the younger sister of Karen. She was exposed to the curse together with Eason after Karen's so called death, together with Eason she investigated the origins of the curse, trying to uncover the death of her sister. During the investigation of Japanese exorcisms, Eason was killed by Kayako in his darkroom. Audrey decided to continue her investigation to the curse, finally discovering that Kayako's mother performed exorcisms on her and she was killed by Kayako. Audrey decided to return to the Saeki House where she had her neck broken by Takeo, killing her on the extact same way as he killed Kayako.

In The Grudge 7 3D it was revealed that Audrey in fact saw the actual Karen (who wasn't actually killed) when she was for the last time at the Saeki House before she was killed.


Status: Deceased (tongue ripped out by Kayako)

Allison was one of the victims in the Grudge 2.

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