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Jungle Book Shonen Mowgli


Mowgli's red flower











After Luri who is Mowgli's stepmother becomes the new leader, she and Akela's granddaughter, Lala go on a morning patrol. And Lala says she wants to help her out, but Baloo is worried why they are protecting their jungle from harm, and he's too worried that Luri is too gentle to be leader. And Bagheerah says that Luri can be tough at sometimes when the wolf pack is in danger and Mowgli and Kichi run to see the moa flowers and Bagheerah goes with them and Mowgli tells Bagheerah that Akela told him that when moa flowers bloom in 10 years good fortune comes into the jungle, and it makes Mowgli think about the human who saved him from the trap and nused him and he was siting by the fire with him, Mowgli is desperate that he can't remember the name of the human who saved him, and then some jackals steal a rabbit, and bagheerah fights them, and makes one fall in the river, and when Mowgli rejoices, he sees that Bagheerah's ear got scratched by the jackal, and Mowgli gets some healing plants for bagheerah from his lair, and he notices they're gone and he tells Bagheerah that's going to get more, and tells Bagheerah to wait for him, and Mowgli runs to find them and tells Lala and Kichi to make sure Bagheerah doesn't leave on him, while he's out searching,Mowgli sees the pithole and has the memory that when the man saved him when he trapped, and his desperate because he couldn't find or thank him for sabing his life then goes out searching, and finds the healing plants, then sees a beatiful girl and gets really shy, then he sees that the human who saved him has a granddaughter, and the girl sees that if Mowgli can't talk because he grew up as a wild boy, and can't understand humans, and Mowgli tries to pronounce the gir's name and his own name in human speech, and sees how humans cut down trees, and sees how incredible it is, and he helps the human with his wood work, and then the girl tells him it's time for tea, and Mowgli gets curious and goes to find the healing plants, and the girl hands him over with human cloth, and Mowgli gets a little dazed by the girl and Lala and kichi are wondering why he's taking so long, and Bagheerah gets tired of the patience, and decides to leaves, and lala and kichi don't like his insults and they decide to leave and hear Mowgli coming back with the healing plants and Kichi tells him he was too late and Bagheerah already left and later on at night at Mowgli's lair, Mowlgi heals Bagheera's ear with the healing plants, and Mowgli tells Lala and Kichi that he finally met the human who saved him and that the girl was with him, then Lala is curious about this girl, and Mowgli tries to forget it, and he dreams about her, then Mowgli runs to find her, and Mowgli can't keep her off his mind and he sees her drawind water from a pot.

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