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Italy Calls For Germany Once Again02:01

Italy Calls For Germany Once Again


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Italy is the main character of the series. He is an energetic and friendly yet clumsy young man, who also happens to be rather cowardly and obsessed with pasta. He is the grandson of Ancient Rome, who was once the strongest nation in the world, as well the younger brother of Romano (South Italy). When in trouble, he often cries for Germany's help or insists on surrendering. Though he is bad at fighting, his creativity in art and trade is strong, and he is also a very good cook. The strange hair curl on the left side of his head acts as an erogenous zone for him when pulled. Another thing is that his eyes are normally closed. Though, there are some parts of the series where his eyes are seen open. In Beautiful world they aren't closed all the time anymore.

His human name is Feliciano Vargas.

A Summary What Happens In Each Series for Italy Edit

Series One: Hetalia; Axis Powers- Series Two: Hetalia; World Powers-

Series Three: Hetalia; Beautiful World-

The Move: Hetalia; Painted White-

Who Italy Interacts With Most & How He Interacts With Them Edit

Germany-Italy always calls for Germany's help, and often doesn't know what they're doing..because all that's on his mind is pasta. Italy considers Germany a close friend-and even once put up posters of them loving one another. 


Grandpa Rome-



England-Italy's scared of him.

Most Popular Ships Edit


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Venziano-RomanoxItaly (yes this is incest)Edit

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Italy and romano on omegle by annatrancy-d55ek6e

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