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Welcome to the Drawingbattle Wiki! :DEditEdit

Drawing Battle (shorted to DB) is a comic-related action adventure created by Shawn Harker and Nolan Lee in 2012. It features many strange characters such as people like Rex, the demon brother of Shawn, to Peach Madness Lady, a vendor that Shawn met (who I might add, isn't very bright). Most of the comics are drawn by hand, with a pencil. Although occasionally there is a comic created by pen. Shawn Harker started it all with a paper drawing of Shawn and Nolan, with Shawn telling Nolan something. Nolan Lee took a pencil and wrote back. That is how it all began. Soon it evolved, with all new characters and hilarious action-packed scenes. Be warned because after the paper is through, usually there are mindless scribbles, holes, and a very confusing story. This is because when they did it, it wasn't supposed to make sense unless you were watching the entire time. Somehow, Drawing Battle became an amazing and popular thing among some classmates. There is a alternate universe called battledrawing. you can read about that on . There was a Drawing Battle Trading Card Game (DBTCG), a video game, b-day cards, full length books, a YouTube Channel,a Twitter,a Facebook,and now a wikia site!

[1]Added by NolanTehChicken

Shawn Harker: -walks up- Hey everyone! Welcome to Drawing Battle wiki!

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