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About the dateline aired last night (5/25/09) - I waited to calm down until this morning so as to be more rational but it didn't work. Dad (Paul) is a red-neck SOB who has done nothing for his son other than ruin his life. I see pictures of a handsome, apparently healthy young man who was unfortunate enough to have Paul as a father. As a result, he appears destroyed and lost as an adult. Smoking pot as a young person did not ruin my life and I have raised two college-educated children who I have stood behind and supported emotionally throughout their lives. Paul has done nothing for his son other than destroy any self esteem he may have been able to get on his own in life. Of course, I don't believe a mother could do such a thing to their own children, but Dateline calling this 'tough love' is reckless and attempts to legitimize a poor excuse for a father. Paul should clearly be ashamed of himself.


Actually, I just want to let the producers know that the "NEW TIME" for Dateline is NOT a good thing. I am not going to stop watching my regular shows because you feel like changing your spot, specially when we know it's all about ratings. Put it back at 10pm, and I'll watch it again.


Manfred G. Ruiz

Gainesville, FL

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