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Batman Unveiled is an upcoming YouTube superhero/action/adventure movie releasing July 1, 2017, developed by Newryst Studios. Starring Caillou Pettis as Batman. The film is also completely inspired by Tim Burton's 1989 movie, "Batman". The Batsuit is also inspired by Michael Keaton's Batsuit in Batman (1989).

About Edit

Years after The Joker was stopped in Gotham City, it turns out the clown prince of crime is still alive, and is planning to attack Gotham City. It's up to Batman to gear up to take down the villainous Joker.

Cast Edit

- Caillou Pettis as Bruce Wayne/Batman

- Tanner Johnson as Alfred Pennyworth

- Jade Robinson as Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn

Posters Edit


First Teaser Poster


Second Poster

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